Do we need centralized NFTs in the decentralised world?

For more than 3 years already Intercoin’s team is working on solutions to resolve a problem for communities with Centralized projects that have ultimate control over all transactions and accounts of buyers and sellers. We all know that when all data about buyers and sellers is collected in one place, the information might be used for influence or can be hacked/leaked in bulk.

I was really impressed when initially heard from my colleagues about NFTs 2 years ago that artists might be able to interact directly with a blockchain in order to sell their works and each computer in the network will retain a complete record of files.

I also liked a post about decentralized networks that @Greg posted recently here:

However, I was disappointed to read CoinDesk Insight’s article that " The NFT Market Is Already Centralized" with some news that the two major centralized crypto exchanges, Coinbase and FTX, announced their own NFT marketplaces last week, which will no doubt bring more moderation to the market.

You can read more about it here

I’m interested to hear what our community thinks about all this.
Do you have any ideas?


Short answer decentralize everything.

But… unfortunately it will take time. First step in the right direction is all these new artist coming into the NFT space. The amount of artist I personally have spoke with that have experienced nothing but growth and greater success since entering the NFT spaces is mind blowing. :clap:

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