How is intercoin different?!

So, if i was a kid and you had to explain intercoin to me and how it is different from the other cryptos that are already publicly trading, what would you say?!

How would i explain what specifically intercoin does that other coins can not do?
How soon can it go public?!



A kid would not understand what going public means!

If you’re talking about the interoperability interchangeably exchangeability of more than 10,000 different crypto currencies and assets no child would understand it.

But if you gave the child ThoughtWare which could instantly transfer the ability to process big data at a rate of a quadrillion bits per second to each child, perhaps InterCoin would become a viable public offering!

Is it listed on CoinBase?

You can say intercoin is made for people to buy and sell things with while most other crypto is made to only go up in price.

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Not listed on coinbase yet but we are planning some smaller exchanges by end of month

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To a kid that doesn’t understand as much technology or even crypto I would explain it in this way.
Your mom is giving you $$ to pay for your lunch and get a drink at your school cafeteria. But you can end up buying bad food or chocolate instead.

Chocolate is not good food for you and your stomach would hurt so in order to protect you, your mommy sets some rules and says: “Instead of $20, I will give you 20 ITR in your phone app, and you can buy anything in the cafeteria that I have put as allowance, you just show them the code to scan in your phone”

This way you can buy food, water, but if you tried to purchase chocolate, you would not be able to buy that with ITRs. Mommy loves you and I want you to eat healthy food and not have cavities in your teeth from eating chocolate.

Is is too obvious I am a mom??? HAhaha…

But bottom line, you can’t buy food right now with Bitcoin or other cryptos as the fees are to expensive an you would wait so long to get it approved because of how big the communities are. With Intercoin, any community if it is a city, a school/university, a company, non profit, can issue their own currency and set rules on what people can and can’t do with it, so money circulates within that community to boost the economy. If you earned money in NY, but than you end up spending all your money in Florida, you are not helping boost NY’s economy. But if you had vendors and rewards to purchase local, everyone wins.

Hope this was helpful?


To answer better your question in details, this video can help as well.

Also this is an animation explanatory video about Intercoin, what is all about and what is trying to solve that some of the big cryptos out there lack.