In the News: Intercoin's Partnership with India Blockchain Alliance

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Great read, also this partnership is definitely something to be excited about! :clap:


Really excited about this! Raj was excellent on the show I really enjoyed listening to him. India is such a huge country that holds so many possibilities for Intercoin, though as Raj explained it’s so difficult to navigate for a variety of reason so IBA’s experience there will be invaluable.

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Does anyone feel the “crypto” ban in India will have any sort of affect on global adoption?


What are the details of the ban?

Well… @Poundz I’m sure that everyone had the same question in the last several weeks however, all our guests at the event are relaxed about it as everyone heard a brilliant explanation by Raj Kapoor Founder of the India Blockchain Alliance and now you can listen to the recording here:

I doubt any government wants to ban crypto it would leave them at a huge disadvantage on the world stage.

But they know the genies out the bottle, moving at lighting speed and can’t be stopped so I think they’re just trying create friction to slow it down so they can get themselves positioned to get a slice of the pie in the form of regulations.