Intercoin Mural 2.0

Every day, tens of thousands of cars are stuck in traffic going over the Gowanus Expressway on their way from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Some take the tunnels, some take the bridges into the city. Either way, they will see our mural:


Here is a little video we recorded of what it’s like to see it from the highway:

Just another way Intercoin Inc. is working to bring mainstream attention to crypto and working towards its adoption for payments in the real world. The mural is a reference to how Bitcoin was originally designed to be a peer to peer cash system but due to its design has not been able to scale enough for real-world on-chain payments. Rather than one monolithic blockchain with global consensus about every transaction, Intercoin tokens are designed to each live on their own separate blockchain, making the whole system not just scalable, but embarrassingly parallel.

So who painted the mural? It’s often said that founders of a startup have to wear many hats. In this case, CEO Greg Magarshak donned a construction hat, rented a scissor lift and painted the mural himself:

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Charlie Shrem and Christopher Hughes of Codable Capital both told me that they drove by a couple of times just to see the only mural or billboard about Bitcoin or crypto in NYC…

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