Middle Class HELL

this video is exactly why we need Intercoin…

If you read the title you might know where I’m going with this. In the U.S. alone there is over 550,000 homeless and no less than 150 million homeless in the world. With the cost of inflation, job loss, non advancement in positions, minimum wage, failed businesses and overall no sense of security for most of the middle and lower class, it’s not looking too good for many Americans. Back in the 1950’s most middle class Americans worked the same jobs until they retired, had a pension, lived in a decent home or At least had a roof over their head, retirement funds and were able to take care of their families to the best of their ability.

On the west side of Phoenix and many other cities across America there is sometimes no school bus system. Children ranging from ages 5-18 use the metro public bus system with sometimes undesirables also taking that same bus. It is not only putting our children at risk, but they sometimes are not even going back to a home after school. Maybe they are going home to a motel such as the family with 6 children in the video I attached to this. The parents of these children still manage to keep their composure with no car, very little income for the bare necessities, while still keeping it together but when does it end…

This is where Intercoin can play an exceptional role in society. The basic needs of a human being on this planet consists of water, food, shelter as well as all around health and well being. Intercoin gives these communities that have fallen on tough economical times the opportunity to have all of the above previously mentioned and much more. Imagine a community that is able to have their own local currency to spend as needed within the community and never having to worry about running out of money. For example, the many native American tribes that are poverty stricken often are overlooked by the federal government which could help with native American businesses, property and energy development on reservations. A community currency will most certainly help them with the basic needs, which will in turn deliver the foundation and get the ball rolling to a healthy economic society.

I believe Intercoin is the answer, no doubt about it. The possibilities are endless. Health, happiness, and peace are not a luxury. They are not an option. They are necessities and these are our basic human rights. No one should be denied these rights especially over money. Money may not create health, happiness and peace, but lets be realistic, this is the society we live in today and unfortunately many people have been denied these necessities for far too long.

It’s time for us to take control of our own money, lives and affairs and if there’s one thing unfortunately that people know all too well of is control by our government whether it be federal, state or both. In my opinion the system has failed. I truly believe Intercoin will not fail. It’s the future of our local economies.


Yes, I like how you keep going back to the local economy as this is the answer. Certain things can be done on a federal level but majority of needs are better handled on a local level. Each state in the US let alone every city all have different needs.


Thank you Stacey! I’m glad you enjoyed the read

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This is lovely and an eye opener for us all.


It really is such an eye opener. Thank you!

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Just watched some of that video. I had no idea all those motels were full of families now. I stayed in those when I was over there on holiday for the theme parks and it was all tourists.

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Yea and it’s gotten a lot worse for sure. Very sad times but I see a brighter future for these families when we spread the word and get people involved in Intercoin. Thanks for reading and watching!

With the middle class slowing dying and the poverty level constantly increasing, yes Intercoin can definitely help but noting in life is free so who is going to pay for all this? Local communities can take the initiative to help but who is going to buy the poor out poverty? who will pay to prevent the extinction of the middle class? so many questions…