The Intercoin Show w David Lutz

The Intercoin Show w David Lutz

June 22nd 2022 written by Michael Neuvirth

David Lutz

Mr. David Lutz, CAMS, CCI, MBA, serves as Chief Executive Officer of Advantage Digital Advisors. Mr. Lutz began his career in 2008 where he embraced the opportunities to manage and oversee the annual BSA/AML and OFAC internal audit process for a diverse range of small to mid-sized financial institutions.

In 2018, Mr. Lutz transitioned to Capital One Financial Corporation where he conquered many career milestones, including taking part on the AWS Enterprise Data Transformation Project as third line of defense and effectively challenging the migration of high priority compliance data.

Mr. Lutz a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (“CAMS”) and Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator (“CCI”) with comprehensive professional experience advising and consulting domestic and international institutions in the unique area of decentralized finance.

Mr. Lutz earned his undergraduate degree at Sacred Heart University, Connecticut, and his master’s in business administration from University of Phoenix.


Looking forward to hearing David’s Input on the current marketplace of cyrpto.

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