This mom quit her job to focus on crypto full time

This mom quit her job to focus on crypto full time and build ‘generational wealth.’ Now she makes around $80,000 per month

I have personally heard Crypto Mom’s story. Its super inspiring. First off I love seeing more women entering the crypto spaces but this story is special not only is it about herself but also her 2 daughters Cynthia & Imani also working in the Industry. Be sure to follow her on Twitter! Much respect!!!


I ran into her on Twitter spaces one time. Really cool person, glad to see people are making money

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She has such an awesome story. I love hearing it in the twitter spaces and it’s truly motivational and inspiring. Good thing she quit her job to focus on crypto! 80k a month sounds like a comfortable amount to live off of for sure. Seeing more women in crypto and NFTs makes me happy. Such an amazing story

Love reading stuff like this! I know a couple of people that have done the same over the last couple of years.

I’m sure he story will inspire others to to the same!