Thread on community currencies

Guys lets post a list of community currencies that are out there. I know we talk a lot about berkshares and bristol pounds, lets make a list so we can point people here.

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This one is in Berkshires Massachusetts, over 400 businesses use it and about 7 million in circulation

The other one we talk about often is Bristol pound. “The Bristol Pound is a local currency that was created to “improve Bristol’s local economy”. Its primary aim is to support independent traders in order to maintain diversity in business around the city”

Finally since we talk about Detroit as an example a lot, there’s actually a small project called Detroit Cheers going on too

Let’s post some other ones here @Norman . @ACUMEN mentioned some videos where the architects gave some interviews later and complained that the community currencies cost too much to issue (paper) and secure, and so on.

They helped the town prioritize local transactions over money leaving the economy (people buying from local producers instead of overseas, businesses paying local workers instead of outsourcing jobs) but they also cost a lot to administer.

@MarsildaB, Norman and Elena you should reach out to them to book them on our Intercoin Show. We’d like to hear about their experience and what they’re doing now and planning next. I’m sure many of them would love to come on and talk about it, what went right and what went wrong, and maybe promote their own projects.


Yeah for sure there are others. Timebanking comes to mind as well, though not sure if that counts as a type of community currency


That’s a great idea @Greg , we will look into that.

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