What happened on CoinMarketCap?

This just in: CONGRATULATIONS, you’re a trillionaire if you were holding ITR! (Along with most other cryptos).

That is, if you looked at CoinMarketCap:

They fixed the price feeds pretty quickly. But the real question that remains is… will all the graphs now look flat with a giant spike? Or will they somehow try to get that data from ALL the different sources? I’m guessing they’re going to fill it in with a constant value or something.


This was wild — trillionaire mindset for a minute!

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Actually, it happened yesterday not only with CMC but with the ETH in the Trust wallet too


They get their feed from CMC


Just a glitch in the matrix, a little glimpse into the crypto market a few years down the road!


Agree but interesting to see how they are handling it as I’ve seen many graphs are now “looks alike”

Here are some examples of what I’ve seen

@Carts what do you think about it now?

Its a prophecy. Glimpse of the upcoming collapse of fiat.