While Investment Dollars Remain Scarce, Mon Valley Communities Test A New Form Of Currency

Here we have an example of how Intercoin can be applied to a whole community. The examples in the article show exactly how the currency helped unify and empower the community. People of a community tend to invest more their time, effort, and resources when they know that can help grow stronger together. Think about the impact we can have on the local vendors that are already struggling financially. We don’t want to be a currency that can only serve as a coupon. We want to be more than that.

If a similar community would have access to using Intercoin rather than dollars, what else do you think can benefit the community and its members individually? We would love to hear some good examples :grin:


It’s a great article @Marsi Thank you for sharing and I’m glad to see that people found some ways out of such disturbing challenges and especially that we with Qbix and Intercoin can assist them thuther!
In many ways it’s also reminding me about this article that @Greg shared with us earlier:


involveMINT is a clear example of a community currency that can be done with Intercoin. Thanks for bringing this up, we can add to our list of examples of community currencies that are in use


Yes, @Norman, with #Intercoin we can engage communities and help to increase economic capacity by leveraging community assets. It can bring big changes to the post-COVID world and create social impact. The simplicity of implementation of #Intercoin can decrease the degree of current separation in communities from becoming involved in each other’s lives, and to allow people to become stewards of their communities.

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@Marsi Have you seen already @Greg’s article about our vision and how Qbix works with communities to release their own local social network and that Intercoin can work with communities to release their own local payment network , and help gradually onboard all the merchants, citizens, and visitors?
This 2 projects combined, are a very powerful tandem that will ensure short-term and long-term growth for many communities, which is exactly what we want for everyone.


can you please reply with the link. Not sure if i have

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