Bank of America Debuts Crypto Research Amid ‘Growing’ Institutional Interest

Bank of America has launched research coverage of cryptocurrency and digital assets due to “growing institutional interest” and the massive appetite among retail clients.

And they better…


Very interesting to see how the new year will start off.


I don’t read crystsl balls but… :rocket:


of course, banks have to follow. when there’s a bigger demand for crypto plus money to make for…also they probably are seeing a decline in people investing or keeping money in the bank?


Yes! I too am very curious.

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Whoah, pretty interesting.

A major move that happened awhile ago is the IMF working with $XLM. That alone outlines where the financial institutions are positioned in the restructuring of global economic climates.

We see a huge influx of international companies working in technology being developed at an astronomical rate the adoption from banks to accept this flow of value is natural because banks love to deal with assets. Block chain is amazing in the fact ownership can be validated almost instantly.