Cowra Coin - for a small town in Central West NSW, Australia

Well Clover still has to operate within the traditional system - she is definitely an innovator and prepared to take chances though so I am hopeful she will be enthusiastic to at least get some of her tech people to investigate further . .

Exactly - she will need to be convinced that the political advantage and benefit to the city outweighs the flak she will get from the (some powerful) naysayers . . but she has been good at that - but in the past her projects have been easily understood and supported by the electorate - this will be unknown waters . .

The other thing that occurs to me is that this might be her last term so there is the potential for her to think about leaving a huge legacy by doing something revolutionary, profound and really worthwhile for the city . .


@Carts , your words reminded me of one of my favourite quotes that I tend to live by :

People don't care

and also very useful in business life - “Speak only if it improves upon the silence.”


Absolutely brilliant point @philip_rhoades and this is why we must prepare a relevant proposal for her.

Perhaps you would get a chance to compare these 2 documents from Intercoin and edit them into something similar focused on Sydney?

For example: “A Resolution Establishing a City of Sydney Funding Source Devoted to Local Communities financial recovery in the post-Covid economy"

Intercoin is giving you permission to copy and paste any required information.

I’ll be glad to answer any of your questions and to support on this proposal.


Hey @philip_rhoades , I just read through your proposal. Really love the following 3 points:

  • Each adult (18yo and above) who registers with their residential voting address (voting at Federal, State and Local elections is compulsory in Australia) which is inside the Cowra Shire Council area (expansion is possible later), receives a CC payment of 1,000 coins. Each student (13-17yo) who registers with their student ID receives 500 CC.

  • The people who are involved function as a Distributed Autonomous Organisation for voting / decision-making.

  • To kick-start community trading, I offer the following services for CC:

  • IT consulting.

  • Maths, Science, IT coaching.

  • Medical Advocacy.

  • Radical Life Extension Consulting (Cryonics, Neural Archives, General and Medical Health and Longevity interventions).

I think its a very fair distribution plan for a coin, and you also are bootstrapping it with some of your own services as well.

If I may make a small suggestion, I think in the beginning, it would be smart to encourage other people to contribute their goods and services just like yourself in exchange for the Cowracoins. I.e. if you provide a a home cleaning service for 5 people, then you can receive 1000 Cowracoins from your distribution. The goal should be to have people who provide valuable goods and services be able to spend the Cowracoins on other goods and services!


I recommend reading Tom Greco jr’s “The End of Money and Future of Civilization” but this short 4 pager is also I think highly relevant to what you are proposing:

If you had to only read one paragraph, the conclusion is as follows:

“Private currencies that are SPENT into circulation by trusted producers, and mutual credit clearing exchanges, have a much greater potential for promoting local community prosperity, resilience, and self-determination because they allow a community to monetize the local value created and sold by local businesses and professionals. That allows a community to greatly reduce its dependence upon official money and bank borrowing, and automatically favors local production and local sourcing (import substitution)”


And also, Greg’s video interview with Tom Greco is a really valuable asset to evaluate when you don’t have time to read.


Yes this is a good interview too – I like to read, some people like to listen/watch haha. Text format I can absorb a lot faster


Will do - although it is probably not sensible to send anything before the end of year stuff - it gives us some time to prepare something for when people / organisations get back to normal say at the end of January / beginning of February.

Great - talk soon!

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This is a good idea - however the focus has shifted to Sydney for the time being - there is more potential for action in the near-term - I think Cowra is going to be a struggle - only 10k people and not many people (only me ATM as far as I can tell !) interested in this stuff . . so Cowra is a “medium-term” project I think . .


Excellent! - I will have a closer look when I get a chance . .


I can’t remember if I have watched that one already or not . . though if I have, I will definitely look at it again!


Yes, @philip_rhoades I totally agree with you. I just asked if you could prepare your version of the document and then we with @Greg will evaluate and perhaps will add something to form it as our business offer for the administration of Sydney.

Only one suggestion now.

Perhaps you could send her your Seasonal greetings with a little note that you are preparing for her “a special surprise for 2022”. And a few words about your desire to help her to leave a legacy with her support for people during challenging post covid times in Sydney.

That way you would prepare “the ground” for her to wait for your next email and to be curious and open-minded towards your solution.

What do you think?

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Sure - that is what I meant - we have time to do that preparation . .

Great idea!

Yes, definitely!


Interesting to learn about the Cowra Coin initiative, I really like it and would be happy to be involved as we could map this idea to Africa!



I haven’t had much success getting any interest going and the little response I did get from candidates before the recent Council election was negative. I haven’t given up on the idea but it will take a bit longer than say Sydney City Council (where I moved from) might. My next priority is the Australian Local Government Association . .


Keep going and don’t give up on the idea, it takes time for mass adoption


I think for now the priority will have to be grass-roots development - so I am starting the process of contacting Cowra groups on FaceBook - with the first ones being the “Buy, Sell and Swap / Trade” groups - I think they are ideally placed to make use of a “Cowra Coin” - we’ll see how that exercise develops . .


I have started posting this note on the (8) groups:

"People, I have this idea about a “Cowra Coin” for communities that I would like to talk to others about - reply here or message me if you are interested:

Cowra Coin Communities
and am starting to get a trickle of interest.

However, to post to the Sell/Buy (6) groups I need something to sell . . so, I am thinking of creating 1,000 Cowra Coin NFTs (ie NOT the CCs themselves) and selling them as collectiibles that will help fund operations here (maybe we should set up a DAO to manage the project? - I have registered "InterCoin Australia as a business name but I happy to have it run by a DAO) - AND get a LOT of media attention - both local and further afield in Australia . .

To leverage as much media attention as possible and to maximise sale prices I am thinking of having something like a Dutch Auction for each of the first ten numbered NFTs ie starting at 009 and continuing to 000 over ten weeks using a nicer version of something like this (help from IC artists here would be great!):


This image was created using a LOT of random numbers so each of even a lot more than 1,000 NFTs would be entirely unique . .


Found more FB Cowra groups to post in - up to 29 total now . .


@philip_rhoades what is the update with Sydney coin?

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