Did you hear us talk on the Rekt Podcast Show?

Hi everyone,

Did you hear us talk on the Rekt Podcast yesterday?

Our Founder Gregory Magarshak and Norman Qian discussed the following:

:arrow_right:Intercoin’s Features

:arrow_right:How we can help communities issue their own currency and help grow their economy

:arrow_right:What role we can play in the political elections

:arrow_right:Our presale ending in just 6 DAYS and so much more!

Get a chance to listen to it now and enjoy the show!

Comment your thoughts on any of the topic we covered.


Thanks for sharing Marsi. We cover a lot of great content in this podcast for people who are technically oriented. Its a great listen if you want to really gain a solid understanding on what kinds of innovations we are bringing.

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yes, i loved it. You guys did a great job

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in case you guys missed this @ACUMEN @Sara @Kelsia @carlos

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A very interesting podcast! I am looking forward to learn more about Intercoin.


Great job guys, enjoyed the conversation.


Great job,very interesting podcast.


Thank you for listening to it Kelsia

What is one thing that you liked about the show?

Thank you for listening to it Arjeta