INTERCOIN SHOW: What are NFTs? Scarcity and Economics

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In this Live Show the host and founder of Intercoin, Gregory Magarshak, and other guest speakers talk about different topics around NFTs such as What an NFT is, NFTs for artists, the Revolution of blockchain, the network effect, and much more!

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Intercoin Show: NFTs, Scarcity, and Economics
00:00 Show Starts
02:54 NFTs
09:20 Web
14:57 Economics of NFTs
49:03 Misunderstandings about NFTs
51:39 In which other areas have we encountered NFTs?
52:55 How other industries can benefit from NFTs?
01:04:22 Are corporates forced to decentralize marketing?
01:34:27 Alternative solutions
01:40:41 What if more things run like Wikipedia?
01:54:49 Should we have the government enforcing patents, enforcing copyrights on NFTs?
02:07:14 Network Effect
02:17:47 Intercoin Tokenomics

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This is great😍 See you there☺️

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NFTs are just getting started!

Wait until the real estate industry adopts! Or even musicians working in the music industry begin to understand advantages they gain by this technology as a artist.

Simple things like collecting your ticket stubs from a concert or sporting event instead or storing physical forms as memorabilia that can be lost or damaged.

Local artist that’s I have personally spoke with have stated they now have the ability to reach a worldly audience. Not only expanding their reach but also their revenue.

Read this Time Magazine article about this young teens life changing experience in the NFT world.

You’re getting better every day🀩

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