Qbix and Intercoin around the world - Greg Magarshak's Travelogue

Throughout the month of February, I traveled throughout Puerto Rico, Washington DC, Los Angeles and Dubai, representing Intercoin and meeting with a lot of great people, like Brock Pierce and Akon. I wanted to share some highlights of my adventures with everyone here.

This is Mark Edge, the man who introduced Roger Ver to Bitcoin. Mark cofounded Free Talk Live, the largest libertarian talk show in the USA (maybe the world), and they were the first major media in the world to talk about Bitcoin. I was going to meet with Brock Pierce about building a coin for Puerto Rico and thought it would be great to connect one of the original OGs with him.

Mark and I met Brock and Among other things, we discussed his upcoming campaign for Senator of Vermont. My company Qbix can build the app to help unite and energize his supporters, giving any campaign an edge.

Three years ago, we built an app for Andrew Yang’s presidential campaign. Both Andrew and Brock support a Universal Basic Income, and are now trying to build movements outside the establishment two-party system.

At Brock’s house, we met many interesting people. This is Reeve Collins, the cofounder of Tether. We spoke about how his company, together with Qbix and Intercoin can help power the crypto rewards for Brock’s campaign.

Brock throws some great parties in PR. He’s also got what he claims is the first physical NFT gallery in the world.

We also met the organizers of Crypto Mondays in Puerto Rico, including Pedro Rivera (I met the original Crypto Mondays organizer, Lou Kerner, in NYC). I also got to finally attend Uncommon Entrepreneurs, another crypto meetup in Puerto Rico run by my friend Drew Cutkomp. There we met several really friendly crypto investors, whose group are also fans of Richard Heart’s projects (Hex and Pulse). I wound up presenting Intercoin to their entire group later over zoom, from Dubai.

Then it was on to Washington DC, where politicians, statespeople and blockchain CEOs come together at the Government Blockchain Association’s annual conference. Qbix has built the app for the conference and its extended community, and Intercoin is now building Web3 solutions for it.

This is the director of the Government Blockchain Association talking about what a difference our apps have made.
Government Blockchain Association is an organization bringing together public-private partnerships, for cities and countries. Intercoin is part of several working groups, including Voting, Smart Economies etc.

This is John Browdre, the Crypto Chairman for Miami Dade County. He may become an important connection once Intercoin comes to Miami.

Mark got interviewed at the event (as did I) about his role in crypto.

Back in Puerto Rico, I had met Roberto Pickering. He went from being a sniper in the Iraq war, to a vet down on his luck, to a successful businessman putting together ambitious partnerships with major social impact. He told me about the VC fund he and Akon put together, and I told him about Intercoin and Qbix. It was a match right away.

Roberto invited me to a lunch they were having at the Hilton by the beach (in the area of PR where Brock lives). There, I met a lovely husband-wife duo that runs the Miss World competition. Their mission is “beauty with a purpose”, and we discussed building app and a coin for them. Here, instead of “Yang Gangs”, we have beautiful contestants from every country, who are also massive influencers, including with the politicians who can actually help the coins get adoption locally.

So, after a few days back home, it was time to fly to Los Angeles, where I had an amazing time meeting people that Akon and Roberto had assembled together. Akon is in the blue, on his right is the current Miss World from Jamaica, and Christine who will be helping build a youth center with them.

Akon is a great guy. His projects in Senegal, Akon City and Akoin aim to build solutions from the bottom up, so there is a lot of alignment in our values. Also, he’s super-well-connected throughout many countries in Africa, so joining forces means we can focus on building the tech that powers all the applications, while Akon and their group can bring about adoption, marketing and business development.

We all wound up hanging out …

This is the “dream team” that will make it all happen. With Roberto as the organizer of the team.

From LA, I took a long flight to Dubai. My secret to handling time zone differences is that my schedule seems to always be messed up anyway. So I sleep on planes. I wound up presenting Intercoin to the investors I met in Puerto Rico at around 5 am Dubai time:

It’s actually different than most presentations I’ve ever given, since I wind up talking about Hex, Pulse, open source and capitalism. It really gives a good overview of how Intercoin is different from most crypto projects out there, while explaining everything about it. If you have about an hour, you’re welcome to take a look. (And if it sounds interesting, sign up on intercoin.org)

On the left is Mru Patel who had just been presenting (along with Pedro from Puerto Rico). Mru represents the royal family office of Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al Qassimi. In the middle is Queen Diambi Kabatsuila of the Bena Thiyamba people in the Congo (about 3 million people), a lovely lady who I had met earlier in Monaco:

Elena Rivers, one of Intercoin’s advisors who also heads up the Intercoin Ambassadors Program, helped connect me with this man: Marwan Alzarouni who is the CEO of the Dubai Blockchain Center, and an OG for not just crypto in its current form, but older “crypto”, having founded the first Certificate Authority for Dubai. In Dubai, the government runs a platform where people can store and share their identity and documents. Identity management and Verifiable Credentials is a very important crypto topic on which I’ve interviewed people at the forefront of new initiatives for adoption.

As a throwback, here I am with my cofounder Zak and Tim Berners-Lee, and his team back at MIT (this was 2014) discussing joining forces with Qbix for the decentralized web. Tim wrote about it a lot and so did I.

They wound up going their separate way. Tim left MIT to found Inrupt to change how organizations publish their data. The guy on the left – Dmitri Zagidulin – helped bring together groups at the W3C to create the DID standard (Decentralized Identifiers) arguably one of the most successful standards in the digital identity space.

Elena also introduced me to Dr. Jane Thomason, a very impressive lady from Australia who has organized many successful ventures in crypto.

This is Scott Richards, who lives in Dubai. He is a political and economic consultant in both the UK and Australia, on many significant projects, and is now involved with special economic zones and other similar things. Once I have more information on what we’ll be working on together, I’ll probably post about it here.

From there I was invited to a lunch by Dee and Micki, a great couple who know so many lovely people in Dubai. We spoke about exchange listings on top exchanges, invitations to stay at the Burj, and events constantly happening in Dubai.

So this is what happens when I go traveling for a month! I’m planning to be in Dubai again, March 22-29. Akon lives there, so hopefully we’ll meet up. I’d like to introduce him to the guys at NuGenesis, who have helped to build CBDCs in the middle east. I may have to get an apartment in Dubai. A friend in Dubai wants to sell me their BMW for Intercoins. I’ll have to make another article about how you can do OTC deals and start to trade ITR for other cryptos, goods or services directly.


I could write a speech about this post but… DAMN if this don’t make you bullish on Intercoin :woman_shrugging:t3: what will? Simply read between the lines!

I just want to say I cannot believe I somehow not only got involved with the community, but also was given the opportunity to work for this company! :exploding_head: Pinch me am I dreaming?? NO DOUBT — I’m 100% confident that Intercoin will have a deep footprint in making the world a much better place!

Thank you @ACUMEN for reaching out and approaching me to work with the team. Not gonna lie until I got involved and learned what was going on behind the scenes, I thought the Intercoin vision was too big. Now I see all the pieces coming together before my eye. WAGMI

One thing I have to mention is Greg does NOT brag enough. From his personal lifetime accomplishments to what he has, is, and will continue to build in the tech space. If he won’t, I’m gonna start bragging for him! Today I will simply start by saying this. Join the community forum, social media platforms, telegram and stay tuned. Intercoin can show you better than they can tell you! :wink:

Also thank you @Greg for being such a great leader. I appreciate you always having faith in me & continuing to expand my responsibilities within the company!

Screaming LFG :raised_hands:


It’s great to see the pieces all coming together


Wow this is amazing Greg! So awesome to see all the connections your making. I’m super bullish on Intercoin and even more now! Can’t wait for the apps to come out and I’m looking forward to getting the nft community involved for NFTremix LFG INTERCOIN :facepunch::fire:


This is amazing!

I’ve said since the first day I heard of intercoin that it’s a no brainer and that the world just needs to catch on. It’s great to see Gregg travelling the world and introducing Intercoin and showcasing what we can do to so many interesting people.

I didn’t think it was possible to be any more motivated than I was but this post has done it!! :raised_hands: LFG!



@Greg this is an incredible amount of meetings with such amazing people!
Since the first day of my meeting with you in 2018, I heard from many “naysayers” that Intercoin’s vision is way too big to bring into reality but for me, that was a no brainer winning vision and that the world just needs to catch on.
It’s great to see you travelling the world and introducing Intercoin and showcasing what we can do for so many interesting people.
I didn’t think it was possible to be any more motivated than I was but your post gave me an extra boost.
You’ve dedicated years of service to this company, and your work exemplifies our core values and principles now more than ever.
Thank you for all that you have done to grow this company to accomplish such amazing results over the years.


Thank you @cryptostaceyb for believing in my words that we are going to achieve it.

Once you became a team player and even invited others to working with us to help make our collective dream a reality, i realised that we can move much faster towards our goals.

Your recent contributions to the Intercoin show have been invaluable to the company. The way you motivate and lead team members by delegating tasks and recearching topics is impressive and has proven very valuable in keeping our show running smoothly.

Well done!


Thanks so much for your kind words! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And thanks for being such a great leader and directing me in the right path!

We so got this — can’t wait till we can share with the community everything we got going on!!!

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